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TPMS warning - Problem or Normal?

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My mom's 2014 Versa SV sedan keeps displaying the warning light and message for low tire pressure. My dad has checked the tires several times and while that might fix the problem for a while, the warning light comes back on hours or days later.

Does anyone know why this would keep happening? Is it normal? It's the first car any of us have had that has TPMS so we're not sure what to make of this whole thing.
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Is the tire pressure at 35psi? Is it colder some days than others? The cold temperature will do that to the system. The system will illuminate just by a couple psi's off. If everything is ok, then take it to the dealer. One of the sensors may be malfunctioning. My moms 2010 Sentra SR had one that needed replacing.
Don't forget to check the spare tire. It has TPMS too. Mine needed 60psi in the spare.
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