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Shouldn't you just go ahead and buy new tires and then keep them inflated to the PSI on your door sticker? If you try running low pressures, that will increase the rolling friction, which will increase the heat that builds up inside your tire. Do you think that's a good idea with summer approaching? Tell you what. Set the fronts to 33 psi and lower the backs to 26 psi. Go for a 70 mph run and then stop after an hour. Immediately get out and put your hand on your tires. Which ones feel hotter?

It'll cost you a lot more than a set of tires if you have a blow-out and wreck. Your life rides on your tires.

Go to a used tire shop and see if they will give you a trade-in for the old tires with the remaining tread if your buy a set from them.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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