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Traded Note!

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Before this gets erased like all other posts I write on this site, I just wanted to say that after numerous problems..... only getting worse and terrible service I have had enough and bought a 2014 Honda Fit! I need a good car that is reliable due to my job and so far in 7 months, I have been to a Nissan garage 14 times! I have had little help and the problems are getting worse.
I am not knocking anybody here but my experience has been nothing but attrocious! I hope all of yours is much better.
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Congrats on your new purchase! I have a few questions though if you don't mind. How much did you get on trade for your Note? Did you consider toughing out the Note until the new model Fit came out?

Let us know how the Note compares to the Fit. Obviously you may be a bit biased since you apparently got a lemon note or had a bunch of issue.
like they say, there's always one bad one for every few thousand that they make of anything, just sorry you had to get the bad one out of the bunch...15,000 miles in and still no issues with mine and still solid, no rattling or far as what KBB says on the Note, i put mine into their system just out of curiosity and with the options mine has i believe it came out to just under $14k on private party value and just under $13k on trade in
Congrats on your new Fit, here's to many miles of happy trouble free motoring
Enjoy! I wish I would have gone that route from the beginning! Oh well, we'll see how the Nissan does in the long run!
Hi: malalex...Sorry to hear you hit a "Sour Note". I'm not fussy about the style of either the Note or the Fit. I sure like the Micra..."But it's only in Canada Eh"!!!
CanNissan N.S. of Lake Erie :seeya:
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