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Traded Versa in for a Patriot:

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Jeep is running incentive deals to get rid of their remaining Patriots and Compasses. I pulled into the local dealer and they had two remaining Patriots and some Compasses. Compasses are priced 2-3 thousand more than the patriot, although sharing same chassis. Jeep is fazing out the Compass and the Patriot will be a Fiat based model in a couple years. I don't like the Fiat design. Women would look smart in it but not characteristic to the Jeep legend. I got the copper colored one with power group, 2.4 l. engine and 4*4 capable. When I moved to my new home, I also moved away from Nissan service. Closest place is 90 miles one way. I needed local service. I also moved into snow country and 4 by 4s smooth out the winter. I loved my Versa and I am sad to see it go. But I really like my Patriot and if you get around to researching this model, most reviewers hate the redesign coming. Anyway, thanks all for your responses. This is a great forum with great members and I only hope I find a Patriot forum half as good as this one. Good luck all!
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Cool, Patriots are nice. Enjoy the new car.
Hey I got one about 3 months ago dude, and I love it!!!! Ive have some issues, but its Chrysler's crappy engineering, lol. But it was a good price. Heres a forum

Jeep Patriot Forums

Heres my facebook, you can check out mine,
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