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Hello all, we recently ( within the last three week) bought a 2014 Nissan Versa for my daughters first car. One of the reasons we went with it was bc the seller(used dealer, not Nissan) told us they replaced the transmission( they have a separate transmission shop as well). We thought oh that’s since the known Cvt issues. We were told it needed to have about 500 miles on it to reset/relearn and that it may feel weird at first and the rpm’s may be shoot up every now and then at first. So it seemed like it was resolving itself like they said, but then my daughter drove it to school. Within about 3 miles of driving the transmission wouldn’t engage for about 20 seconds or so and then it would engage and the car ran fine like nothing happened. After it sat at school for 5 hours it did it again. After that I told her to bring it to me and it drove perfectly fine (even in bumper to bumper highway traffic). So it seems it only does it after it’s sat for a while and it’s one time and then it’s fine. We took it back to the dealer, first we were told it’s what they called “morning sickness “ and they would finish the relearn process. Go back to get it and it does it as soon as we drive away, so back it went. So I was told yesterday they had someone come and reprogram/update the computer and it was fine the few times they drove it. Well we drive away and it does it. We just brought it home bc the dealer is far and at this point I don’t trust them and rather see what Nissan says. Has anyone had this issue happen? The car runs perfect otherwise and once it does it that one time it drives like nothing happened.
Any advice/input I’d appreciate!
calling Nissan first thing in the morning !
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