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id imagine this is the proper place for this?... so ive looked around on some of the other tranny posts and i couldnt quite get the answer i was looking for, and its pretty hard to find any info on these cars on google, so, ive got a little over 100k miles on my versa noticing the gear are starting to feel chunky id imagine its time to replace the fluid in it, i have a
Versa S
6 Speed

i cant find any dipstick or anything like that to check the current fluid, idk if im not looking in the right spot or if this particular model doesnt have one, and from what ive seen on here, its better to just drain the old fluid and replace it with OEM nissan fluid, so, where do i go starting this?..the versa is my daily and i have a second car i do everything on but its RWD so im not too familiar with FWD Tranny stuff. any help?
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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