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True Flow CAI Filter

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okie i didnt know anything about this company i just googled best filter and this one came up with amsoil EA blue filter for injen. Im trying to look for true flow company background but i guess they either shut down or merged and changed name. Any who i ordered a 2.75 universal filter to try it out and AEM has a 2.5 OD for the pipe well i forgot that its a 1/4 of a inch all around i thought its a 1/8 all around lol... so i learned my lesson dont get 2 3/4 filter for AEM because it wouldnt fit unless you tighten it pretty tight which i did and i tried to see if its sucking air on the gap but its not.... Ill cut out the old filter and make a rubber adapter hopefully it will work my only concern is that it will not be long enough to put another hose clamp to hold the other rubber part because over time it might fall off.... so did the true flow air filter increased anything one thing i can say its easier to accelerate now that it used to be. my girl even told me that it feels lighter. well i guess because the filter got changed and the old filter is so dirty lol... and i put some fuel system cleaner and 91 octane full tank 2 days ago and today... its a little hard to find True Flow air filter and I bought the last one from amazon... you can find videos of it over at you tube ill post a video how it sounds and how deep it sucks in air. The video was originally shot to show my self how bad the vibration is when I rev the engine up. so ill post some videos and picture in a couple of days. Tomorrow is a meet and sunday is airport day and monday is review day and tuesday is test day :p so yeah busy busy busy :p
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