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trunk light won't turn on

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hi, this afternoon I tried to install a lamp trunk assy, because when I bought my versa sedan, my version didn't include the trunk light, and other things, so I ordered this part to a nissan retailer and I received it, after installed it doesn't turn on, I need to know what's the problem or how can I identify the switch or the fuse or maybe what I have to do to fix it.
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Get a test light and start at the light and see if it has power if not follow the wire and find where it gets power and see if it has power if everything has power check the ground if no power run power to it. hope this helps at all.
yeah i would go with hemifan idea and if not if you get some pics and more info on it im pretty sure well be able to help you

I´ve been testing the lamp and i discovered that the socket hasn´t power i removed the backseat and follow the wires that connect to the lamp, they go to the fuse compartment, but i couldn't see the wires, maybe it has to be reconfigured the computer cause i was checking the diagram and the wire comes from the battery then pass through the fuse no 8 and goes to the lamp and then they returns to the bcm module 49, please help me
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