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Hello, I am having a problem with my 2009 Versa. The button for the trunk will not work! I don't have a button on my key fob and no trunk release button besides the one on the lock itself. I have tried to lock and unlock the doors. I know a few things about cars so I have a general idea of how cars work. I have checked the fuses under the hood and inside the car with no luck. That is the only thing that is not working on the car. I would like to get some suggestions on what the problem might be. Car is out of warranty and no I have not had anyone else look at it yet. Thanks!!

Same issue here. From what I read in the service manual, there is a computer controlled device in one of the doors that tells the trunk lock to open. I too, checked the fuses, wiring to the trunk lock activator, and all appears to be in order. Again, from the service manual, to find the problem, the door panels need to be taken off, and then you need the proper electrical equipment in order to diagnose the issue. If you go to the dealer service department, they will not be able to give you a firm price as to the amount of labor hours the technician will have to log in order to fine the problem. Found it a lot easier just to use the key to open the trunk. I know its a pain, but it beats the alternative. Good luck
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