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Back from the dead

Look up the pinout for the lock actuator, run wires in parallel for a switch between actuator motor, game over.
Hi. New to the forum. Nothing like making my first post one where I resurrect an old thread back from the dead!

So, I am a brand new 2014 Nissan Versa S owner. Really enjoying the little car. I realized, as others have mentioned in this thread, that the trunk lock already has a harness with some wires (2 i think) running from it. I am assuming that the actuator for the electronic release is already in there somewhere. It would seem to me to be fairly easy to make this work if the actuator is there and there is already some wires plugged in! However, I have a couple of questions so that I can avoid completely screwing this up since my electrical knowledge is pretty sparse - just enough to completely screw something up.

1. Where do these wires go? On models with trunk releases I believe they are to the left of the drivers seat. There are some wires already under the seat - could they be for the unattached trunk release button?

2. If I understand this, I just need to send a pulse of electricity to the actuator and it should open (which I am assuming is what happens when the button is pushed - it closes the circuit). So, if I can figure out the wiring, I could get any sort of button, switch or toggle that makes me happy as long as it closes the circuit, right?

3. If these wires under the seat are indeed for the trunk, are they coming from the fuse and I just need the button to close the circuit?

4. Does it matter which wire goes to what? I am guessing that one is coming from the fuse and the other returns to complete the loop. If its as simple as that, it doesn't really matter which one is connected to what, as long as I complete the circuit, right?

Ok, I think thats it for now. Sorry for all the basic questions but the car is less than a week old and I would hate to bridge some wires that wind up blowing up something.

Thanks for any help!
1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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