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Yes, I have had the intermediate steering shaft problem with mine, but fortunately it was when the car was less than two years old so the warranty wasn't the issue. After the third visit on this issue with NPF (no problem found) I called the service manager and politely explained the situation and my expectations. On the next visit they correctly diagnosed and fixed it. Put me in a rental also.

Another time with an unrelated issue on a part that was covered under warranty, a Nissan dealership refused to fix it claiming it wasn't under warranty. Nissan corporate was of no help either (very long story). I then called another dealership, asked for the service manager, explained the situation. They determined it was a warranty item and promptly fixed it.

Therefore, my experience has been, start with the service manager on the phone in a polite conversation. That has been my only way to resolve issues with Nissan. Good luck with your issue, Nissan should own up and fix it on their dime, especially with your low mileage. Nissan knows they installed defective intermediate steering shafts in Versas.
1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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