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So why is there only one turbo versa in the us?? I hVe been reading everything I can find about it and it seems that the biggest part is the header I have one made already and I am now working on pluming every thing in I'm just worried about the ecu !! I can make more manifolds if any one is interested in buying one I have a hr16de so if u want one for a mr18 I'll need template of ur stock manifold flange thanks for any an all help!! An if u don't like to here about another turbo kit I'm sorry !! I am 18 an it has taken me not even two weeks to find out everything I need an have a manifold made I have new injectors coming and I live a very small town with close to no versas or any small cars it's all big trucks here so the tuning is really worrying me I have several people that say they think they can take car of it but any help is great thanks!! FYI help is telling me how to do it or who to ask or where to go not saying save ur time any money I have boosted 7 cars and 3 trucks in my life by my self but none of them were fule injected so this is a new world and I'm not going to start with a car that every one has I want to do this to be different I am really sorry to every one I make mad with this post ... I really don't want to here how dumb I am I have seen a lot of people say that in other forms an it made me think if be better off going to like civic forms and asking this question rather then here so please prove me wrong !!
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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