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SR sitting in the garage but I only have 13k miles, kinda feel bad just swapping it. Turbo kit was cheap so I wanna see if I can make it work, if it blows it blows then swap but if it works now we have another option. Another 50hp on a Note seems fun, better than that Nismo crap. All looks no go
if you're talking about the Nismo Note....we dont even get it here, and there haven't even been any specs released for it as far as i know, but besides that the JDM market gets the supercharged engine to begin with so i could definitely see them tweaking that engine for more performance...would be interesting to see if the honda fit turbo kit works for the Note though, only thing i would be concerned about is that we have no way of tuning the ECU for it since we dont have any companies that do that for our cars as far as i know... definitely keep me in the loop though Necos
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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