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Tweeter location for install?

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Was talking to a friend earlier and talking about installing some tweeters in. We found a location that could work well but need some advice on how I'd install it there or a better location.
We had talked about installing it in the small side window area though.
Any advice for doing this or a better/easier location?

2009 V HB
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Which speaker configuration do you have? There were four (doors), six (doors + tweets) and seven (door + tweets + sub) speaker configurations. Supposedly the wiring for the tweeters is present in all configuration. The stock mounting location is behind the fascia on the A pillar where the teeny side window comes to a point. Probably best just to put them there. They are in a good position soundscapewise.

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i have the 4 set up. thanks for the diagram though. maybe i can find the part from the 6 version
Check your car, not all models are wired for it. I had to wire mine...not hard, just takes time.
sorry for the not so clear pic, but you get the point. this is where i have my tweets mounted for the time being. hopefully ill be relocating them to the kick pods that i might be making tomorrow

all i did was i found a hole saw that was the size of the tweeter, drilled, and than used a mini torch to heat the plastic, so it would seam more flushed.

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I would have never guess to putting my tweeters there kudos! I might pit some there now


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