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two year wrap up

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Today marks two years since I took delivery of my Versa 1.6. She had 15 miles on her then and right now I'm just about at 63k miles. The only issue thus far is the TPMS light with it's random flashing. Also my coolant was low so I had to top that off. In doing that I lost my reservoir cap someone. Still not sure how I did that :).

I am still riding on the stock tires but they are due for a change. Also still have the original wiper blades on and those also are now due for a change. I've done nothing but oil changes every 7,500 miles in the past year. The break pads still look new and have a ton of meat left on them. I do need to put in a new cabin filter, air filter and finally swap the altima rims on as soon as I buy two new tires for them. So my money spent on the vehicle is going to increase a little bit over the previous year but overall not bad.

My gas mileage is still great. I am not as careful with my driving as I once was but in winter I get no less the 33mpg and lately been seeing 38mpg. I will get the 40's soon since gas is up there I'm going to slow down a bit.

The low cost of ownership was a factor in buying this car and it's still holding true. Here's to another year of trouble free low cost driving!
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Happy 2nd birthday brother. I'm glad she's doing good...makes me feel good about owning a 1.6!
Yeah with the miles I put on her I'll keep you updated as to when to expect certain parts to start failing :).
Happy birthday! Up here, the CAA says the average annual vehicle maintenance cost is $800. You're still way ahead! My van just cost me about $700 a while ago, and it still needs a new windshield:( Can't wait to see the "new" rims. Happy motoring! 08v
Yeah with the miles I put on her I'll keep you updated as to when to expect certain parts to start failing :).
I'd greatly appreciate that. Thanks.

Can't wait to see the wheels installed...I went to a local junkyard yesterday and saw two 93-97 Altimas with the same wheels, asked at the front desk, and they're $30 a piece. I might have to do something about that! :ihih:
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