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So I bought my wheels and tires off of (awesome... see other thread) and they offered free shipping to anywhere in the U.S. but it would be in the neighbourhood of $300 in shipping to get them shipped to my house here in the Niagara region.

A friend told me about this place, it is kind of like a post office, where you can sign up (FREE), and just give their address as your shipping address... so you would put in under shipping address:

ADOversa (your name obviously)
3909 Witmer Rd.
Niagara Falls, NY

Then you use your tracking number to see when it arrives, and then just head over and pick it up. Its just over the Queenston - Lewiston bridge. From my house it was barely 25 minutes to get there.

Its free to register, but you pay $5 (american, and cash only) per package you get. If the package is over 100lbs, there is an extra $5 charge, and also, if it isn't a box shaped package, there is also an extra $5 charge per package. They consider tires an irregular shaped package, so the charge was $10 per tire, but well worth in my opinion.

One thing... remember to print out a copy of your receipt from paypal or whatever payment service you use in case customs asks at the border. I did not do this, and they were going to go online to the website and look up what I got so they could know what to charge me for duty, which would have sucked for me since I got a better deal than was advertised on the website. Thankfully I remembered that I had the receipt in my inbox still on my iphone, and showed them and that was all they needed.

Anyways... if you are in the southern ontario area, I would definitely recommend this service!

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