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underbody sheet metal

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so i have a rattling noise coming from under my car when the versa is in drive. shift into neutral and its gone. when i took a peek under the car while it was in drive, i saw that the exhaust and muffler were vibrating, and tho this alone may cause the noise, i saw what i thought to be the noise:

as it shakes, it hits against thissheet of metal that seems to cover the underbody of the car in some places. a certain part of the sheet has been bent downwards so that its no longer up agsint the car, but hanging a little down and when the exhaust pipe vibrates, it hits the sheet and causes the annoying noise.

i was wondering if anyone knew what this sheet was. im either going to bend it back into place or rip it off depending on what its use is.
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Sounds like the heat shield. It covers the exhaust so if you park on top of loose leaves and grass, they don't catch fire.
muzzleNChains is right it is a heat sheild but its for where the exhaust gets close to the underbody so its to keep the car from catchin on fire
so its probably a bad idea to rip it off right lol. my exhaust keeps shaking and hitting a loose bent peice of it and it makes the car sound disgusting. guess i gotta take it to a mech

are the versa exhausts known to be so .. dangly? i saw a '12 sedan in front of me and as it shifted lanes, its tip and pipe just kept dangling. i know it hangs on a rubber, just thought itd be stronger
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