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thats such an emotional video. i used to be really dumb and drive recklessly untill i lost 1 of my friends to stupidity. please remember everyone. even do you feel you can control the speed you are driving there is always someone else that does not know what their doing. how many times have you seen a person drive there car at night with out their headlights on? thats what happen to my friend. he was driving really fast at night about 90+ mph on the 605 Freeway just passing the 10 interstate highway in California. when someone gets on the freeway without their lights on. he was going to fast on a curve that has an entrence ramp when the other car merged onto the freeway. they hit and his car was spun around and around until it hit the center divider on its side at about 100 mph and hit his head on the side of the car. he was instently killed. yes driving fast is fun for some of us but is it really worth being early that extra 10 mins 5, or even 4 mins? even if it means taking a risk that can change your life or someone elses forever?
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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