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So I Have the AEM installed
Lost a washer for my DC strut bar still haven't installed
I have no clue when I'm getting it on

Tonight a 3 gen Eclipse with Intake and exhaust 2.4 pulls up and honks at me 3 times
I pulled very nicely from him on an interstate pulls
I can only imagine once I get off stock wheel/tire etc.

so like I said I got
Stillen axle back exhaust
DC strut bar (I hope I install soon!!!)
I know you guys told me lower spring and suspension, but I want more power
I was thinking
header and hi flow cats and catback exhaust but who makes that stuff for a Versa?

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Hey what about the DC sports catback exhaust?
If you ordered from a website you see it on do you think they have it????
i would call them, and then tell us wat they say :)
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