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[Urgent] Oil Capacity of 1.6L Versa?

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There's a special offer for synthetic oil on one of the online sites.
Deal ends in 40 minutes

I wanted to know the required amount of oil for HR16DE engine (1.6L engine).
This is because in that offer, 4L of oil is offered. (4.22675 quarts or 1.05669 gallons).

Someone please let me know if this much oil is enough to carry out oil change and filter change.
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4.2quarts is enough for an oil change
lol just found something

4 litres = 3.51951 imperial qurts = 4.22675 US quarts

Manual recommends between 4.4L to 4.6L or something.

Np, i will take the risk and go with 4L.

Total Quartz 9000 5W-40 Full Synthetic - 4L - only $17.42 (original $44.92)
Total UAE LLC: Save 51% in Sharjah and N. Emirates


Phew... made it
Just 9 mins were left :p
100% synthetic - here i come. (soon :p)
6K more to go for oil change.
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I know this is old thread but just a piece of information:
HR16DE 1.6 engine take 4.6 Letter of oil with new filter or
4.4 litter with the old filter.
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