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US 36 to Boulder (Pt 1-6)

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The video upload is in progress, stay tuned. 1080p full HD! :D
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There are 6 parts (2 mins each) to the video since YouTube is lame and can't go over 10 minutes.
what program do you use to edit and compress your footage? and yes youtube sux. 2gigs or 10 minutes.... gay
its a cheap free program I downloaded online, nothing special. I need Adobe Premier or something along the lines to my standards
premier is pretty good, i used that for a couple years, but moved to final cut pro for the last 4 years. its interesting that the free program will allow you to export in 1080p. do u know if its 1080p compressed or uncompressed? because ive exported clips that were 15 seconds long that were uncompressed and turned out to be a massive 15gig file
It's not compressed at all, after I uploaded them to my Western Digital HD, they came up to be about 4 gigs
There isn't much in the way of plot. Or dialogue. Or action. FAIL!

Hey man, it's my first video, what did you want me to do? Jebus cripes
i know youtube is the thing to do but have you guys tried megavideo???
yes I heard of it... the mere point of this was to try it out and see the results of the video.... I like it but will give megavideo a shot
BTW, when I make my next run in the mountains, the stop watch on my cellphone will be used so when 10 minutes comes by, I can cut the video before hand.
12 mins of my life i will never get back.... lol j/k ;D
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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