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Hello yall,

I am a novice at my Versa which was passed down from my mom after is was rebuilt from a total front end collision.

I have a 2010 Versa S with the radio CY17F, and I recently bought a used steering wheel off of a 2012 Versa special edition (SL?) Hatchback that looks like this:

Now my radio looks like this:

So far I installed the steering wheel and plugged in the harness connector that includes the green horn wire and the control buttons doN'T work. So can an expert 100% confirm with me that I probably have to buy a compatible radio (I'm not trying to purchase a 6 cd changer or "RDS" radio unless its for a very low price), or maybe some kind of modification in the harness is needed?

I have until February 8th to return the steering wheel if there is no way to make just the radio controls work, my car isn't equipped with cruise control so I am not worried about that, just the left part of it..

Thanks if replying to my thread
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