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Vamp2RLR: 2011 Versa SL

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Just picked it up yesterday 9/20/13, i traded my 05 G35X for it to get more room and better gas mileage and i was actually looking for one before i got the G and i found this at the same dealership where i got the G and my SpecV

Future plans are mainly cosmetics and stuff to improve and get the highest gas mileage that i can, and to make it "my car" and make it resemble me as i did with my SpecV

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Looks good. Let's trade wheels. :D
Congrats on the pick up. Nice job on getting the SL package.
Nice V, love the 16 inch wheels and color
Thanks guys! once i get caught up these wheels will be my winters after i find a set i like for it to use in the summer and Tubtub all of my nissans have been this color lmao only 1 has not that ive had and it isnt on purpose tho!!
Sounds good. How many Nissans have you had?
i had a 93 240sx
the 2003 specv which i still have
a 94 240sx that was a project and never got it going so i got rid of it
the 05 g35x which i traded for
the 11 versa i have now
Cool. I love 240s. I've only had 2 cars...'90 Accord and my V(2010).
those were just my nissans tho lol ive also had a 97 civic coupe that i traded a 93 eagle talon TSI AWD for and i had a 94 talon that was just na FWD and auto

and on with the modding lol
went from amber parking lights to an LED white

i will get better pics with my camera at some point
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Looking good. Are you going to change the turn signal bulbs?
idk if they have the blinking turn signals in an LED
ready for suspension!

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haha i was just bored and wanted to see how they fit....they are my specv wheels
Looks good. Silver and gold is a great combo...I'll have to look into it. :D
my spec is silver to as you can see in my avatar but for anybody wondering heres a pic of it with the wheels on

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Looks great. For some reason I always thought it was blue.
haha whyd you think it was blue?
Looks blue in your avatar.
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