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Vanessa is dead, but here are her shoes..

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So...As my car is dead, and I have replaced with a 2010 Honda CRV (I needed an SUV), I have a few parts for sale. I have my wheels, they are 225/40 R18's. 2 of the tires are almost new, 2 are pretty worn, they are Nexen 5000's One wheel has a ding on it where I hit the curb, all tires come with the Versa TPMS sensors. I also have a set of NF210 lowering springs they are used, but are in decent shape, and I have a set of hub caps from the original car also in good if not perfect shape. One last thing I have the fog light finishers (the black plastic parts that go in the blanks so you don't have to cut the stock ones).

I was looking for about $450 for the wheels, $140 for the springs and make me an offer on the hubs..and say $20 on the finishers(they are new)

EDIT: Let me just say a few things, First, thanks for the responses. 2nd, I am firm on the wheels and I am not separating the sensors or the tires that will cost me money and I am just looking to unload them. They were over $600 for the set, without the tires or TPMS. I don't really want to separate the hubs either, what am I going to do with 2 hubcaps?

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Awesome thread title!
I miss my Versa, she was sadly taken from me prematurely, and not of my fault either. She is already greatly missed.
Awesome shoes man, would take em if i had the dough =(

Hope you ok from that semi-head on collision you mentioned.
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