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Hello all,
I'm picking up my wife's 2011 Versa from the dealer after work today and want to add the vehicle alarm impact sensor, I priced it from the dealer and they want $300.00 to buy and install (online its $60.00). I am wondering if the kit comes with detailed instructions? I would hate to buy it and open it and find that there are no instructions. Also has anyone installed it themselves? If so how did the installation go? I also want to install the accent light kit while I am taring apart my wife's brand new car :45: I see the post of the person doing it which is great but also am wondering if that kit also comes with instructions and templates. The reason I am asking these silly questions is because in the past I have bought factory "kits" that when I got them they didn't come with instructions and it was hard to get it from the dealer afterwards.

Thanks for any input
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