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Versa 2009 will this aux interface work?

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I have been trying to install AUX in my car and was facing a few options:

1 Install a new tuner/stereo/radio interface. However I want to keep the original look

2 Install an OEM from ebay. However, all the aux ones are 2010 plus and sellers are claiming they are not compatibile (anyone tried this before?)

3 use an interface plugged into the back. Im leaning towards this.

Mainly, my question is, will this work: Aux cable smart phone audio cable adapter for Peugeot 307 308 Sega Triumph-in MP3 / MP4 Player Cable from Consumer Electronics on

I have the 12 pin connection open on the back of my cd player. Anyone have any ideas or thoughts?

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is this for AUX in or Out?

Option A
The OEM with AUX in will fit, as all the connectors at the back are the same (We have an Xtrail 2011 model and I have a Tiida 2011 model, Both Head units are exactly the same accept for the Aux in @ the front..). Oh, and that one has steering controls, so you will need that harness aswell as the steering control parts for the steering wheel.

Option B:

Get a FM Transmitter. (the expensive ones tends to be better.). - I use this at the moment. I have one that has Bluetooth,Auxinput, SD card reader, Usb stick reader and 4gb on board memory with a 32bit 3" Color display.

Option C :
Get a new Head unit. as simple as that.

Option D(Not recommend this if you do not know your way in that kind of electronics):
For Aux in, on the OEM you will need a board/wire diagram of the OEM radio, and open it up and connect some Aux-in stereo wiring to the board.

If it is AUX out you are looking for for a amplifier :

Option A :
Get a New head unit that supports it.

Option B,
Use a Proper High/low converter that does have a earth wire included.(this is how I am currently doing it, See my thread of how I did a Sound system install). connect it to your Rear speakers (if you do have, I have come to realize on this forum that not all versa's came out with a 6 Speaker setup).
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thank you so much! I think I'm going to go ahead and get the new Head Unit
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