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I hope I am posting in a correct blog section. If not, please kindly let me know.

I have versa 2014 in NYC. My strange symptom are these below.

When AC is on:

- There is something (I guess probably the AC compressor? Not sure though.) turns on and off frequently when stopping at a traffic light. It is turned on for 7 seconds then off for 5 seconds. Then this cycle repeats. It is getting more often and shorter cycle time now. This is not happening (or at least much less frequent) when driving. Mechanic says it is normal the AC is auto on and off based on the room temperature of the inside car. But having this frequency, is it still normal? Worry about any further damage.

- when the above happens, the radiator fan in the car front is also on and off. Is this normal?

- when the above happens, the engine rpm indicator on my dashboard, it jumps up about 300 rpm (approx from 550 to 850), then it is off, and rpm slowly goes down back to 550, then it repeat the cycle again. I can understand small jump is a normal. But this is definitely strange to have 300 jump with repeating cycles.

- I used the temperature gauge inside the car. The AC is about 40 degrees when turned to the coldest. This part looks fine.

When AC is off

- Some other symptoms when AC is off. The engine rpm is about 550 rpm when I am stopping at a traffic light or stop sign. The engine is a little shaky when I am applying brake right before stopping. If I release the brake at green light, it goes back up to 700 and sounds normal again. I think 700 is the better rpm number when at stopping traffic light, right?

Regardless AC is on or off

- the car lean back and forth a few times after I released the gear to parking mode and released brake. I can understand some shake is normal. But I can feel it getting worse. What could this be?

- it gets harder for me to shift the handle from parking to driving. I feel I need more force on my hand to change it now. Feeling something is getting worse.

- engine shakes worse. Even my friends can feel it, as they are not drivers.

My mechanic said my car symptoms are too small and too hard to troubleshoot and look for him again when it gets worse. But I don't want to wait until the engine stalls or any parts is broken. It will cost more if I wait. If anyone in this forum can help, I would appreciate! Thanks!
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