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Few tips for those wish to do it.
this is very easy, will give about 30 min for each door, as long as for have right tools (always right tools make your life easier).
removing door internal panel, need pry tool, T10 screwdriver, Phillips screwdriver, and some imagination to mount new speakers.

First, remove the window controllers with pry tool, then a T10 screw under a rubber cover inside that part of door use to pull it and close it (sorry don't remember name for it).

Then will find a Phillips screw, then with pry tool remove panel by pulling edge of panel. No necessary to remove door handle , Nissan made this part easier for us.

You will notice factory speakers come in a frame which separates speakers from door, usually this is done when trying to avoid speaker touching or blocking glass when rolling windows down. I found this car doesn't need the speaker adapter (I bought a set on ebay for $12, did no know was not necessary) if you see my pictures window is all the way down and don't see any part of glass or motor components.

But, since I had door separators, I used them.

Mine only two of the 3 holes match, I had to drill the 3rd hole to door using a separate screw.

Btw factory speakers are 2 ohm 40 watts max, so I'm guessing they are around 10-15 watts rms, I installed a Kenwood 1460 6.5 inch 60w rms, factory radio barely make then sound, but in my case I don't care that much, since I'm using them only for high and mid frequency, and I does the job. Later will be posting the installation of a Kicker pt250 I bought for versa, but haven't installed yet.

I hope this help your guys, since I couldnt find any information about this anywhere else. If I'm not mistaken, versa now 2014 and 2015 are the same.


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