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I'll try to explain this as best as I can because it has me confused as to what happened or what is going on.

About a week ago a co-workers vehicle wouldn't start due to a battery issue, I gave him a jump and since then my Versa has been acting differently.

Before the jump when I would lock my Versa the lights on both the back and front would blink, nothing else. When I would unlock it, nothing at all would happen no lights or anything.

After the jump, when I would lock it the lights would flash but the horn went off once. And when I would unlock it the lights would flash.

I am just wondering what happened to make it change like that as I assume what is happening now was supposed to happen before. Really baffled by it and am hoping it's not a cause for concern but would like to know now.

Any clue?

Your "after the jump"description is exactly the way both my Versas operate. I think there is an option in the owners manual where you can set up different preferences when locking and unlocking the car. As for the reason yours changed by jumping the other car, it could have something to do with a possible voltage fluctuation when you actually jumped the car. With todays vehicles, you have to be extremely careful when using your car to jump another vehicle. The electronics are susceptible to voltage spikes, and can be damaged if the jump is not done correctly. In your case, you ended up with positive results.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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