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Hello Guys,

i had bough Cquence rotors as well as Quietpad ceramic brakes. which after 2K miles of driving and testing the brakes, there is a difference. Installing was super straight forward, take out brake pads and calipers, pop out the stock rotors and just place in the slotted rotors and new brake pads. i have a 2015 Versa S manual and honestly this upgrade is something i have been happy with. the stock brakes had me a bit nervous since they would scratch when i brake, but when i saw all pads and rotors everything was ok.

Now Just because i added slotted rotors means i will have a really quick stopping car, but at least i know they will stay cool and be a bit more reliable. the braking feel itself feels harder, but not as impressive as you would think. (unless hey made big brakes for these cars) That being said i spent around $150 on their website for rotors and pads plus free shipping as well as the had a sale going on which made about a $10 difference.

I hope this helps all you Versa owners when looking into upgrading or replacing your brakes and rotors. you will pay almost the same amount of money for OEM replacements.

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