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Versa Door Locks

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I just purchased a 2014 Versa S+ and was surprised to find out after I got it home that there was no exterior door lock on the right front door. I wanted a vehicle without all the electronic stuff that is likely to break after a few years. I'm 80 years old and figure this will be my last new car. Since this is my first Nissan I really didn't expect this. The odometer has all of 8 miles on it and the dealership is about two miles from my home, which is the main reason I purchased from them. I usually buy Toyota's but the only dealer I can trust is about 35 miles away. I really like the gas mileage this new one is supposed to get.:smile5:
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I agree, not sure why they didnt put a keyhole on the passenger door as well. I've got a 2012 Sedan with manual everything besides the CVT.
I purchased a 2013 Versa S sedan for my daughter to use. I agree that having only one spot for the door key sucks. I read on this forum that the automatic lock hardware is installed on the car and you can have a kit installed or you can do it for just a few hundred dollars. This might help, although it will add some electronic stuff to your Versa
I have power locks but no keyless entry still only one keyhole. My pregnant fiance insists I help her in and out of the car. I have to go to the drivers side unlock the car go to her side open the door and help her in then go back to my side. Then when she wants to get out I go let her out then have to go back to my side of the car to lock it Im looking into keyless entry as that sucks.
Oljerr I'm sure the dealership will have a few options, it may be a bit overpriced but anything is possible these days.
Neither my Versa nor my Altima have exterior door locks on the passenger side. No issues to date.
Welcome oljerr!
Maybe the parts from a right hand drive (or UK) version would work? Any Aussie or Kiwi members here that care to comment?
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