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Versa Engine Very Unrefined...

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Okay, I know the Versa is an economy car, but the level of un-refinement is borderline ridiculous! There's the whining/whistling that comes and goes frequently. Then today, I used the AC for the first time (not counting defrosting) and it just made the most horrible noises. It's difficult to describe the sound, but it doesn't sound good. With most cars, you might hear a click and increased engine noise. With my Versa, I heard sort of like a groaning sound. Doesn't exactly inspire confidence in the reliability of the car... the engine must be decent because I'm getting superb economy, but still!!! Also, when I turn my car off, I hear pigeon like sounds and I can feel the engine coming to a stop. VERY WEIRD!!!!

I've NEVER experienced anything like this before. For comparison's sake, my brother owned an xA, my friend has a first generation Fit, my aunt has a second-generation Fit, and I drove a rental Aveo for a week. NONE of these cars have exhibited such bizarre engine noises! You turn the AC on, and aside from added engine volume, nothing special happens. With the Versa, it just sounds like too many things are happening/changing.

I still love my Versa, if not slightly worried.

Should I take it to the dealer?
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I have no complaints about my engine noise.

I only hear the 'tick tick' sound when the heater is set to setting #1.

Other than that, no noises from the Versa. I find it very quiet.

My only whistling noise is that from my hood (bug) deflector.
What's the mileage on your Versa John? Since your V is quite new, things gotta be worked in. I know when I heard my AC turn on the compressor was growling lol. But it toned down and after using it a few times I don't hear any noises from it. Even my dash rattled the first 500kms I put on but it also died down. So it's normal to hear some noises. But if you're really worried about it, let the dealer sort it out.
Since your V is quite new, things gotta be worked in.
i the a/c for a few days and see if it gets better.
if not i'd def take it in and see whats going on!
Well, my V is just now 1 year old with less than 5K on it but I can agree with the noise occurrences...sometimes when I am at a red light my car chirps pretty loudly until I let off of the brake. And when the A/C is on, it does seems louder/trying to work harder. I'm not entirely sure if the cabin is just noisy with road noise/riding, or if the car is just built with little padding on the inside, but I do think that it makes some noise when running. Probably within normal limit, but I don't think John is the only one.

It sucks but I don't necessarily think it's anything to worry about unless it gets significantly louder/worse over a longer period of time.

Anyone else have these noises?
this might sound funny but check the screws on the passenger seat. I tighten mine and it eliminated my red light noise.

also i found this
my a/c has always made some creepy noises when i first turn it on, but has always worked very well. i've read countless people with the same noises even AFTER they've had nissan replace the a/c compressor etc etc.

so it'll be ok ;)
My hood deflector also whistles a little bit and sometimes if the wind is blowing the right way, the side deflectors add to the noise. I notice most sounds when I first start the car up, but once it's warmed up, it's pretty quiet. I also come from a 10 year Corolla and VW Fox, so this car is a luxury car in comparison :) I'd give it some time for things to break in and I'm sure many of the sounds will die out.
My A/C makes noises too, when I push the button, it goes errrrrrttttssssssss for about 2 seconds. Im used to a toyota camry being quiet but hey, what do you expect from a car starting at under $10K, even if mine was $14,100. I can deal with the noise. But u know, it has better wind noise then a chevy HHR. OMG, that thing is noisy at only 45mph. Mine gets noisy at around 60mph. And the shut off is just a little wierd, not to much for me. But like I said, if I wanted a nice car, I would have invested into an altima or something. Im satisfied for the price I paid. But I understand where your coming from.......
Mine ticks but that's the injectors and my 6 speed makes like a timing chain noise in 2nd gear around 2500rpms. Other than that its fine.
Versa's are known for their growly air conditioners, it's nothing to worry about.
The whine/whistling is definitely the engine... When it happens, I take my foot off the gas and it stops. It starts again when I press the gas.
If it bothers you that much, just take it in ...

It's under warranty.
transmissions tend to whine. I agree with Ashley, take it in. Let the dealer look at it. Ask to drive another versa to, to see if it acts the same.
I've NEVER driven a car with an engine that whines and whistles. And Ive driven a lot of cars. I'm not overly concerned... it's just annoying. I'll test drive another Versa tomorrow...
Did you test drive this Versa before you bought it?
Yep. Didn't make that noise when I test drove it. Of course, I only drive it for about 2 miles. The air vents also didn't creak on the test drive. lol.
dude mine makes the whistle sound if its the same sound that mine made its from the airbox cuz mine before i swapped out for the cold air intake went whzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz at low rpm around 2000 or 2500rpm if thats where its happens its probably normal cuz every one of the ones around here i drove sounds like that
I hear a whistling noise everyday from my hood deflector.

I've learned to tune it out. I don't even hear it anymore. My passengers are the ones that ask what it is, I've just grown accustomed to it.

I really don't care though, as long as my hood's protected, I'll just crank up the stereo.
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