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Versa engine?

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First post!
I had a 2002 Sentra in the past, loved that car.
Looking to get a Versa
Is the 1.8L engine the same as the sentra?
If so, has the head gasket issue been solved?
(at the 100,000 Mi point, my Sentra, had a head gasket leak and read it was not uncommon)

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No it's a newer engine. These have piston fit issues instead. But only some obviously, luck of the draw as to if you get a good engine. I have 333 000KM on my MR18.
Not the same engine, they are more comparable with the MR20 on the B16 Sentras.
Thank you, that's good to know.
I had a 2001 Sentra 1.8 as well, no head gasket issues over 300000km. I assumed Versa was same engine when I bought it, but no, that'll teach me to assume haha
Enjoy your new Versa, ask lots of questions, welcome!
So I should be reasonably confidant with the Versa engine.:smile

I sure hope so, the size of this car is just right for my needs.
Reasonably confident for sure.
One journalist called Versa the jumbo shrimp of compact cars
I think it is ,as with any car , important to keep up on the maintenance
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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