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versa ....Fan Problem

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i have problem with my 2009 versa ,, the radiator fan not working even when the engine get very hot ..... but it work when i turn the AC ON ,,
i change the coolant temp sensor and nothing change still same problem
(my coolant temp sensor is Black ,, the New one is Blue )

any one can help me ?
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not sure what you mean the coolant temp sensor is black and new one is blue.... on mine it is blue when I start the car its blue cause it means car is under temp or cold. once it turns off it is normal temp and it the red turns on it is hot...

ok NM I just got that....
could be a higher temp sensor...
thank you for your responding

i meant the Color of the sensor
sensor pic

this is black
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The fan should kick on when the A/C is on. Are there 2 fans or 1?

It could be a bad fan solenoid.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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