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Hello All!

My name is Mark G. (hence the G-Man)

I was on a forum once, for MAZDA HB's...ask me later (1990 Mazda 323 HB BG-Body)
I have a NEW found love, my 2012 HB (6-Speed with Plus Package) purchased in June 2012...

I'm running a FEW mods already, but I have MANY questions too...

MODS Interior:
-Center Console armrest from China (Much needed - bolt in over cupholder)
-Larger Mirror with 5 Blue LEDS underneath since no map lights (Painted black frame (ok semi-cheesy but looks okay)
-Round illuminated black/chrome control knobs for center stack (Nifty)
-SL A-pillar covers for future stereo tweeters (pioneers on my shelf waiting)

MODS Exterior:
-Tint 50% Rear, 20% Front (If i recall)
-Rear Bumper Protector OEM
-OEM Fog Light Kit from overseas/Factory Fog Light Stem OEM Nissan
-Full Stillen Kit (Waiting to paint/mount Brilliant Silver) Lips Front/Rear, Mid-Wing and High Wing
-Waiting for my VIS Side Skirts
-Wating for Black Chrome lower valence cover for front (StreetBeatCustoms)
-C-Mod Grill waiting to paint (Silver as well...)
-TIIDA Power Mirrors from 2009 (Folding too - I did the wiring myself! Slick momentary DPDT Lighted switch-mount in change well)
-TIIDA KYO (Silver) Sakura Mirror Covers with LED Blinkers (again wired myself)
-Hiestar LED/CCFL/Projector Headlamps - Slick and HUGE, but cool!
-XXR 530 17x7 205/45/17's...

Questions I have...
-Can I mount 18x7.25 without rubbing lock-to-lock? I plan to drop it on Eibachs (Mild as my slammed days are over!)

Thanks all!


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Thanks Man!

Much appreciated my XXR 530's are at 35mm offset! Might like the extra ground clearance combined with some springs to get that closer to the ground effect without compromising too much clearance!

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Soory about pic quality...Mirror answer...

I DIG the mirrors...quite a bit smaller that the factory and I will post more detailed photos open/shut/blue-glass with LED signals embedded.

Fortunately the wiring was not difficult...I too was surprised that the JDM mirrors had servos (I initially did not know...)

Hooking up the mirrors in short was as simple as replacing the stock OEM; yet the bolt closest to the front needed to be a NUT/BOLT combo since the base plate did not have a threaded nut inside. The TWO additional wires for the mirror were spliced and routed through the loom in the door. At the same time I also had four ADDITIONAL WIRES (2 sets of (+) and (-)) from the flashing LEDs on the outside and INSIDE of the mirror - way cool!

The external are yellow/orange as you can see from the DARK garage photos...but the Blue Sakura TIIDA mirror replacement glass was easy to fit with a heat gun and has YELLOW/ORANGE LEDs in an arrow pattern that flash in sequence across the upper face of the mirro (running from inside to outside every time the signal flashes ONCE)>

The wiring for the LEDs int/ext was routed along the inner fender well from the upper mounting hole of the mirror and connected to the TURN signals. The Mirrors required a DPDT Switch and 2 RELAYS connected to an (on)-off-(on) lighted momentary switch I placed in the change well closest to the gear shift.

It's clean, and works well!

Additionally, I can provide any serial numbers or diagrams for anyone's reference. I also have a fairly modified 2000 NISSAN FRONTIER 4x4 SE V6 Crew Cab with NUMEROUS MODS (electrical and otherwise); so sharing the knowledge is fine.

Please let me know and WHERE to post.

Thanks so much guys!

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Actually the relays were for the reversing polarity of the mirror servos...the LEDs did not require one. I went with the dual relay setup because I wanted manual control of the mirrors and I was not sure if the mirrors (only being two-wires) had a fullstop in their cycle. A fellow TIIDA owner from Thailand said he believed they did; so I opted for the cleanest and most reliable set-up...dual relays and an (on)-off-(on) switch to ensure NO motor several hundred bucks for the set-up I didn't want a make-and-break affair...BTW I have never used a double pulse relay for LEDs - advantages?
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