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Hi everybody -

New owner a new '13 S-Plus magnetic grey sedan just this past weekend. 36 combined avg mpg so far - impressive. Gas here is $4.20 a gallon right now. Going to do a power lock conversion real soon in addition to sounds & a Viper system.

Tomorrow afternoon the door panel comes off to inspect what's needed for a power lock swap; don't know if actuators are already installed there or not like some older models do that have manual locks, so going to take a look see.

Wouldn't mind finding out if the cluster harness would work for an SV gauge cluster - I prefer to not have to rely on idiot lights for everything. It's just kinda weird seeing only a speedo gauge, but my son doesn't mind. He actually likes it the way it is.

I don't mind the manual windows at all. It's nice to not have to turn the key to roll up or down when parked - those will stay.

Got the car for MSRP so there's no regrets here.
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1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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