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I will check on this again when the wife gets back home with the car.
She took it today. <g>

When I checked yesterday they were all fine except the front.
I expected it to resolve itself after I added air.

How does it monitor the pressure?
Is the sensor in the tire?
Long life battery and NFC or something?
Yes sensor is in the tire and is part of the valve stem assembly I had this same thing happen to me shortly after picking mine up from the dealer...they had forgotten to top the air in the tires off and it was late at night so didn't want to keep them from their families...went and got my air compressor topped them all off and had to drive a few miles at normal road speeds for the warning to turn off...was kinda cool getting to experience the nissan smart fill system though for the first time cause as I topped each one of the tires off to the correct pressure my car would beep at me to let me know it was done with that tire lol
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