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Versa quality

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What am I missing JD Power and Consumer report states that this car is a total piece of crap initial quality and long term. I don’t know where they are getting their data but all of the user reviews I’ve seen say they love the car. I check all of the forums and I don’t see any sitckys on how the head gaskets or transmissions are going go out like I do on so many other cars. I’ve looked everywhere and I just can’t find where people are having repetitive problems with these cars. I see posts like I ran it out of oil now my engine is bad well yeah that’s going to happen but I don’t see posts where every car built is going to have the same major catastrophe at about the same mileage.

Have I bought a POS or not? I have a 1000 miles on my 2013 and so far I am very happy with it. Should I be saving the money I saved for a life of repair bills
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the first batch of Versa's were notorious for not starting, clunks in the steering, wacky tpms lights, even spring breaking. There was something up with the CVT's before too where nissan extended the warranty on them. Those stories seemed to have dwindled over the years but the more horrifying one is the amount of people with MR18DE engines blowing up. Even though that seems far a few between now there was quite a few stories just on this small forum.

I say the V is a decent budget ride. Mine which is the 2009 1.6 model has been extremely reliable so far.
Hi xt477,

JD Powers' ratings are taken from the Initial Quality Study (IQS), which looks at owner-reported problems in the first 90 days of new-vehicle ownership. I do not have access to Consumer Reports information, but in any case, the car you have has only been out for about two years, and that is too short a time to make any judgements about long-term reliability.

Nissan is NOT the automobile company most renown for building crap -- not even close.

Have the car serviced according to the maintenance schedule, drive sanely, and enjoy it.

Top Rated Cars, SUVs & Trucks - Car Reliability Ratings - 2013 Vehicle Dependability Study
I find the 3-year-old-car dependability survey more meaningful than initial quality survey.
Your 2013 with 1.6 should treat you well for years, enjoy! Welcome!
Our Versa is rugged enough to be sold around the world, crap it is not. And it is the best selling car in the B segment class of vehicle. Just follow the maintenance schedule in the manual and you will be fine.

Kelly Blue Book gave the 2012 Versa sedan the title of "Best Total Cost Of Ownership" in it's class and it has IIHS "Top Safety Pick" award.
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