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Versa rear steelies centercaps

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I took my hubcaps off my 2011 versa hatchback and would like to have a center cap to cover up the rusty axel.
I have searched the Internet but found nothing. Please someone throw me an idea. I could just paint them black but I would rather have a little chrome cap.
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That's a good idea. I'd search through ebay and/or junkyards. Look for an '80s Sentra or Stanza. Maxima might work too, not sure though.
like police cars steelies

I can't find anything that would fit the same
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Yea something like a little Nissan emblem or similar. I kind a like the steelies look for now .well at least until I have more cash.
I know that's right. online store-SF Search Engine Output Page

I like the idea. Didn't someone mention a while back that V steelies are actually of high quality? So my idea is to smarten up the V with the original wheel. This website shows pics of 4 lug center caps. Wondering if there is a cross reference part for the V. They don't list Vs as an option. Any info will be appreciated ty.
So some steelies are enkeis and some are hecho en mexico?
The chrome ones that say "Nissan" were a factory option for the 1st generation Sentra. It won't work with the Versa steelies because the bolt pattern needed to hold this hubcaps in place is 4 in 114.3 (four little plastic sleeves in the back of the hubcap that fit right on the lug nuts).
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