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We've updated our reliability stats for the Versa to include owner experiences through September 30, 2016.

Repair frequencies, in terms of repair trips per 100 cars per year (lower is better):

2015 Versa: 18, low, small sample size
2014 Versa: 0, low, very small sample size
2012 Versa hatchback: 10, low, very small sample size
2011 Versa: 74, high, very small sample size
2010 Versa: 37, low, very small sample size
2009 Versa: 65, moderate
2008 Versa: 65, moderate
2007 Versa: 84, moderate

We have two additional statistics, "Nada-odds" and "Lemon-odds", to indicate the percentage of cars with no repairs in the past year and those that required 3+ trips to the repair shop:

2007 Versa: 42, 7

Additional participants always helpful, especially for years without stats or with small sample sizes.

For the repairs behind these stats, reliability information on other models, and to sign up to help improve this information:

Nissan Versa reliability ratings and comparisons
21 - 25 of 25 Posts
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