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Everyone should write out what their goals are to have (blank) done to their car by spring/summer cruising.
for me mine is
1) completly cleaned washed and REALLLY GOOD LIKE 4 hour waxing session
2) instal blue dome light lights/ trunk light
3) have my 2 10in rockford subs and 400 watt rockford amp hooked up
4) paint engine cover silver
5) Smoke taillights
6) get a versa speed decal for rear window

1) hopefully buy stock alloy rims from i forget who is selling them buy yes, and have them painted black or just paint a blue stripe around them.
2) paint calipers (cant have rims with nasty old calipers
3) maybe get underglow for the car but thats kinda gay anymore..
4) tinted windows
5) new mesh grill
6) Cold Air Intake
7) Exhaust
8) Strut Bar

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Didn't we just do this with the "in 2010" thread?
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