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Hi there thought many might be interested in this watch on ebay from China.

2010 Nissan Versa 4Door Sedan I4 Auto 1.8 S Steering Wheel Watch SM 301 | eBay

This link is for a 2007-2011 version streering wheel but there is one also for the 2012. If you search "Nissan versa watch" they will come up.

I picked one up recently and have had it on for a couple of weeks now. The watch is cheap but not too bad in quality. The picture on eBay looks more 3d-ish that it actually is.....its really just a picture of a versa steering wheel/dash with the clock hands in front of it. Probably cost $2 to make. However the band is decent and worth about $5 anyway.

The watch keeps time fine and is kinda cool. Makes a great conversation piece and shows how proud an owner of a V is.

Just thought I would share.
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