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Took my car out for a little photo shoot today. Turns out, there isn't really any cool locations by my house but I managed to find a cool old industrial building.


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Wow. Your Versa is coming along very nicely! Love it :D
Looks really good! Did you wrap the entire car? I can't really tell with the glare/shine :D
he run out of wrap but have no fear the black knight will be done soon i hope i been keep tabs on this lil build hahaha but it looks really good man keep it up
why didn't you wrap the whole thing?
I haven't wrapped the whole car yet because I didn't want to spend like $600 plus on vinyl if I wasn't able to do it myself... now that I have done it and tested it out on my hood and trunk I plan on ordering enough to do the rest pretty soon.

I want to do the body in Matte White and have the hood, trunk, and roof in Matte Black.. but than it wouldn't really be "The Dark Knight". haha We will see.

Thanks everyone for the compliments. :D
dang man! that is one dope Versa! seeing all these V's just makes me anxious to get to work on mine!
woow mate its looking great mate i really like it i will be downloading some pix of my versa and the changes i made to it
I think it needs a bit of editing because I can't see the beauty of the car. The color contrast is very high.
where did you get the strip on the top of the back window? I saw one once but cant find it now.
your car looks good what other plans do u have for the car
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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