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Versas in Pittsburgh

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Any other versa owners in the pittsburgh area?
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Yes. I just bought my 2009 metallic blue SL HB from West Hills Nissan on 3/30/09. It is a pretty amazing car. It came with the convenience package and I love the Intellikey and bluetooth which are amazing. I took it to Lancaster on Tuesday (4/21) and the CVT holds the cruise speed without any waiver even on the mountains on the PA Turnpike and I averaged 30.9 mpg out and 30.6 mpg on the return trip. I have been seeing a lot of these around now that I own one.
I'm in VA but make frequent business trips to Pittsburgh. If you set up a meet I will check my schedule and try to make it!
impressive numbers. My 1.6 only got me 34.xx on my trip in PA mountains. Which is the worst tank i have had to date. I bet you can get 35 on flatter road. If any PA meets get into the north East corner I might make a trip.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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