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I'm new to the group, just bought a used 2008 versa with 18,000 miles. Love it.

We're getting a vibration from just under the hood, only when the brake is pressed down, and you switch from Park to Drive or Reverse. Not getting it at all with the hood up. Anyone else get a vibration like that?

Also, is it normal for the engine to shift a bit when you switch from Park to Drive/Reverse?

I've included a video of it here: Versa Engine Shift - YouTube

Thanks for any suggestions.
I am no expert... the vibration when brake is pressed and you switch form park to drive or reverse...... might be that the rubber bumpers between the hood near the front need adjustment and are letting the hood vibrate. reduce the clearence and make the hood touch the rubber bumpers.

I believe what you are seeing with the motor shifting position is thetop rubber motor mounts moving. Check to see if they are cracked.

keep us posted
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