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Villageidiot: 2009 Versa

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here's a few shots of my 1.6 sedan

thanks Bob at versaspeed for the springs and strut bar, and superskunk for all my questions being answered via text

went with a motegi sp10, wanted all matte black, but when they showed up they had an inside machined lip. i took a liking to it. wrapped in in some dunlop direza 215/40/17.

better pics to come, i'll keep it updated as i do more stuff

thanks, Colby
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Pretty good, I like how your wheels match the black rubber molding on door handles etc.
Nice I like!

What springs did you get from Bob?

Also Sedans FTW! :D
i got the eibach springs and dc sports strut bar, not pictured, i love my sedan
i like the motegi rims i had some ff7 i miss them rims but nice looking v, that attack of the versa sedans are coming up lol
I want this wheels in my tiida too.

Nice sedan you have, congrats.

You just need the fogs and the splash guards and it will be awsome.
i'm not big on splashgards, but fogs are on my list, after i make the cold air intake
im liking the sedan more and more.. great looking V :)
i'm not big on splashgards, but fogs are on my list, after i make the cold air intake
The wheel well looks bare without them, you should order some. And not the good kind of bare, like shaved emblems and stuff.
Your car looks AWESOME! :yesnod::yesnod::yesnod::yesnod:

my buddy snuck my car into the photo studio a few weeks back after our christmas card photoshoot..... i got this in my email today
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buy them sons f bitches.... hopefully my new wheels will be done next week
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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