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as far as i know, if you buy the leaf you have to have a charging station installed at your house... i dont know how much that costs... and i think you can get upto 100 miles on a charge... as for the volt, im pretty sure it just plugs into a standard outlet... with only 30 or so miles on a charge... but you can run it on gas... my money is on the leaf! 30 miles couldnt even get me to work!
You do not have to have a charging station. They will sell you a leaf without one. Also many people who got the charging station got them for free with some program or at least a nice tax rebate. The ones who didn't do it are converting their OEM power cord to accept a quicker charge like from a dryer outlet so no station even needed.

The mileage of the leaf will vary greatly. So it's hard to say the range. Nissan states from like 62-138 miles.

I like the leaf more then the volt because if I'm going electric I want to go electric. I don't want to do oil changes or any of the other stuff associated with a gas powered car, which the volt still is.

I like both cars and look forward to them making improvements and this technology trickling into other models.
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