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Vortekz Generators

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what do you think about of my vortex generator.

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Looks cool, I would probably paint them white so it matches.
I think painted would look better. I wish they were car specific and came like on a strip so it was all one piece you have to apply instead of the little separate things. I think that would look better and make install much easier.
Nice, except for the colour and the fact that our babies probably don't go fast enough to create a vortex :p

I like in black Color because they make contrast with the black parts of my tiida for example:

(rims wheels, windows tints, grill)

soon I will place photos

i will post some photos as soon as possible
i have mine for the longest already, i think i was the first to install them....
i know that reyes1212 skunk tango and i all have them. wasnt reyes the first???
oh yeah i totally forgot about him, he was the first.... my bad...
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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