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VOTE!!! - To give for BDay or Wait for Xmas

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Alright. I cant decide. SO I'll leave it up to a vote.

The wifes birthday is on the 16th. I bought her a couple more expensive gifts, but also purchased a set of Alpine 6.5" 50 watt (rms) speakers. Presently she has a stock setup.

I cant seem to find the RMS on the stock stereo or the sensitivity on the stock speakers! I don't want to install the speakers without the new head and have them sound worse then stock! I don't think anyone will be able to tell me these specs, hence the Vote!

So Vote Everyone?

Speakers for BDay & Stereo for Xmas


Speakers & Stereo for Xmas
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Give her the speakers now, I'd be willing to bet they have more better sensitivity than the stock units.
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