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So the 255 is a little bigger than the stock fuel pump, and it uses a connector rather than the different sized spade terminals that the stock one has. I didn't receive a pigtail with my pump though, and the spades on it were both the same size, so i just clipped the smaller (ground) spade that didn't fit and crimped a properly sized one on, and a plastic sleeved one too so there's no chance of shorting.

Once you've taken it out remove the lower portion of the sending unit by lifting on all 4 of the tabs, it should pop right off. You can use toothpicks to hold all of the tabs up simultaneously. Next locate the two sliders that let the assembly flex and travel up and down; one has a spring and one doesn't. For removal just pry the (white plastic) retainer out of the way and the (brown) slider will come out. Do this for both, it will give you more wiggle room to work. Next unplug the fuel pump and fuel level connector so you are not straining the wires. At this point you can simply cut the fuel pump outlet to pressure regulator (the U-shape hose, not the S-shape one that goes to the top of the unit) line anywhere. The fuel pump can be pushed out from the bottom of the unit and easily removed. Once it's out remove the end that's left on the (white) plastic barb by slitting it lengthwise enough so it can be unwrapped and removed from the barb.

I filed down 4 bumps/nubs in the plastic pump holder and it fit perfect after that. Pump is identical to a factory one apart from connector and diameter. For the outlet of the pump to the fuel pressure regulator nylon hose, you can buy replacement nylon flexible line. Everything is barbed so once it's on it cannot be removed without slitting/cutting. Of course, putting it on can be a bit difficult. I initially pushed it on to the point where i couldn't push it any further on without breaking the plastic barbs, then used a heat gun to heat up the nylon so it could be pushed the rest of the way. Easy. Some people use fuel injection line and clamps but this is the absolute wrong thing to do, it will only last 6 months tops. You must use what the original was!
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